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Robert Kržišnik

Robert Kržišnik

I was born in 1966 in Yugoslavia, a country that does not exist on the map anymore, but will reside in my heart forever. As is probably the case for every human being, my childhood and growing up was marked and shaped by dreams, joys, hopes, beauty, and also by shocks, fears, loneliness, existential confusion, pain, wounds and scars. Those wounds probably increased my level of sensitivity in certain aspects of life, and, quite likely, my interests in life and my work will forever contain elements of self-healing.
As far as my educational background goes, I hold and MSc. in Psychology, and I am also certified with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org). For 12 years I worked as a psychotherapist, and I have been working with groups as a trainer, facilitator and a team-coach since 1988, so for over 30 years. During these decades of working with groups I have facilitated and led rather diverse events; from spiritual retreats to leadership trainings, from short workshop to long intensive in-depth trainings, from social-change gatherings to business conferences…
I also work as a mediator in conflicts, between individuals, among sub-groups, among larger groups, or in conflict dispersed within groups. In mediation I do my best to support people to meet with each other with heart, on the level of humanness, trusting that once this core connection gets established, every problem on this world can be solved. Though the shape of my work seems to be shifting a bit and evolving across time, my main passion and focus remains constant; it is for me all about connection: from self-connection through healing wounded parts of ourselves and embracing our whole beings so that we can enter this experience of human existence fully, to connection with others on a deeply sincere and vulnerable level. And, of course, ultimately, it is all about the connection with the Whole, with the flow of Life.

Nowadays about half of my work is within Slovenia, where I live, and the other half is across the whole World, wherever I am invited (so far I was honoured to work in 27 countries - Europe, US, Middle East, Asia, Australia...). Also about half of my work is within various organizations, and the other half is (co)facilitating events that are open to everybody who signs up

2012, My first TEDx talk, in Jena, Germany. About transcending the disconnecting language and hopefully finding a truly connecting language for our global community. ENGLISH

2013, my second TEDx talk, on mountain Triglav, the highest peak of Slovenia. On personal growth, self-connection, vulnerability... ENGLISH

2013, a part of an interview after the 9-day training, in which I am attempting to explain the essence of Nonviolent Communication as I understand it. ENGLISH

2013, Ljubljana, a presentation about dialogical parenting with a heart. SLOVENIAN

2017, Skype, a conversation about Nonviolent Communication and my connection with it, and about International Intensive Trainings with Giorgos, the organizer of the training in Greece. ENGLISH

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