I trust in sharing what we know and in connecting people, and therefore I would like to introduce you to a few friends of mine who have been contributing to people and the world with their work immensely, and that I recommend wholeheartedly. And I am also recommending some books and documentaries that I personally find very inspiring.


Karl Steyaert

My dear friend Karl has incredible experience with working with groups, helping them to design thriving communities, solve conflicts, explore the possibilities... Beside Nonviolent Communication he uses also Restorative Circles... His website 

Robert Gonzales

A dear spiritual brother of mine with whom I deeply share the longing for exploring the uttermost wonders of the existence. I very much recommend his work on deep self-connection and meeting others and life in the fullness of compassion. His website.

Steve Ryman

Steve Ryman is one of the most determined and corageus people I know. He has been travelling around the world like a nomad, basically wherever he is called to, helping communities to organise, learn and design sustainable action, using Art Of Hosting principles. His website.


New Self, New World

This is one of the most inspiring books that I have read in very many years. It transcends the narrow, and sadly predominant paradigm of bodies being less spiritual and inferior to the superior mind and spirit. I found an incredible amount inspirations here and only wish I have read it long time ago. Website.

Reinventing Organizations

A must read for anybody who is dealing with organisations - either as a trainer, facilitator, team-coach, or a leader, manager... Based on a study and real examples in the real organisations, it explores the realm of possibilities of how humans could collaborate together in a way that nurtures life better, in any way. Website.

Nonviolent Communication - Marshall Rosenberg

The very basic introduction to the essence of Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg, the father of this approach to life. Website.

Magicians of the Gods

Graham Hancock leads us, with indisputable evidence, into the wider understanding of human history and perhaps, human future. Website.


Human, Vol 1, 2, 3

A beautifully touching documentary, honouring the core longings that connect us all on this Earth, and the beauty of the planet. I deeply recommend seeing it in peace, on a big screen... Link.


An eye-opening documentary about how animal agriculture is destroying the planetary eco-systems and about compassion that does not have to do with fellow humans only, but with all living beings and our home Mother Earth as a whole. Link.


It is so easy to deny how we, humans, have been treating other forms of life on our planet, how we have been treating fellow earthlings, believing we are superior and have the right to do so. A documentary I would want to be made a part of school curriculum. Link.