Here are some typical workshops I have been designing and running lately. I always try, as much as I possibly can, to respond to the needs and requests of organizations and groups by designing tailor-made programs that would address the specific needs of each group, hoping it would support learning and progress of everybody. So what is below are some topics I am currently most excited to offer, yet the fine-tuning of each topic in most cases happens from the dialogue and exploration with organizers.

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

At least 2 days

How to express ourselves honestly and clearly, yet in a way that makes it possible for the other to hear us. How to empathically receive the other, even when the other is so overwhelmed with emotions that they lack the capacity to communicate in a connecting way. How to stay self-connected in difficult situations.

  • Empathic receiving
  • Clear, honest self-expression
  • Transforming the disconnecting language
  • Embodied self-connection/self-empathy

Self-Connection and Personal Evolution

2 to 4 days

How to stay self-connected and maintain inner balance in challenging situations. How to care for ourselves and for the life in us in a most nourishing way. This workshop can be a natural continuation of the Introduction to Nonviolent Communication.

  • Resolving inner dilemmas and inner conflicts
  • Working with core-beliefs that are holding us back in our lives
  • Learning to use the process of deep, embodied and healing self-empathy
  • Increasing our capacity to stay present in intense situations

Mediation Training

3 to 7 days

A step-by-step training of skills for formal or non-formal conflict mediation, be it between individuals, among groups, within groups… It includes (if necessary) the training of basic skills of Nonviolent Communication

  • Skills of a mediator
  • The two phases and five steps of NVC mediation
  • Dealing with reactions and challenges
  • Designing and facilitating inter and intra group mediation

Exploring Life Through Movement and Flow

2 to 5 days

A retreat in which we explore certain elements of life, primarily authenticity, freedom,  vulnerability, intimacy, giving/receiving… with the tools of Contact Improvisation. While it can already be very profound to explore those qualities in our lives through our minds and emotions, a whole new universe of integration opens up when we fully include our bodies and their movements

  • Unleashing our bodies from social domestication
  • Exploring our comfort zones and the uncharted territories far beyond
  • Receiving and be received empathically, with our bodies as well as with our hearts
  • Embodying authentic presence through scary honesty

Awakening to Life Intensive

7 days

A retreat that my dear friend Robert Gonzales and I created and facilitate together, a retreat that points at the essence of what we have learned so far in our lives, a retreat – as one of the participants once put it – to live and to die for. Fully experiential (no teaching involved), requiring a high level of dedication due to its intensity, and only meant for participants with at least 4 full days of prior NVC trainings. In essence it is an intensive 7-day journey of full immersion into:

  • Direct experiencing
  • Sensing and embodying our deepest authenticity
  • Venturing beyond head-centred thinking to reclaim wholeness and
  • Witnessing the mystery of existence unfold.

Conflict Resolution Training

2 to 4 days

In this training we take the basic skills of Nonviolent Communication to the next level and focus on facing conflict situations and dealing with them not in order to win or have it all our way, but in order to establish a true, human connection, from which a solution that takes into account everybody’s needs, can emerge.

  • Conflict resolution begins in my mind uncovering the hidden aspects of conflicts
  • Combining the three elements of NVC in challenging situations
  • Intensity training – staying present in most intense situation
  • Transforming enemy images that prevent us from opening up to another

Train-the-trainer Workshop for Facilitators

2 to 5 days

It is one thing to master the skills and awarenesses of Nonviolent Communication, and it is something completely different to learn to design and carry out a workshop, where a true transformational learning will occur

  • Presenting to even the most sceptical audiences
  • Designing workshops for various learning preferences and types
  • Dealing with challenging situations, questions, participants
  • Authenticity, integrity and growth of a trainer

Dialogic Parenting

2 to 4 days

Parenting might be the most demanding activity in life, especially if we want to do it in a way that will nurture life in our children as well as in ourselves. Yet it so very often becomes an automatic behaviour, full of frustration, hopelessness, anger and later regret, pain and loneliness.

  • What is my vision as a parent and what is my guiding light in times of trouble?
  • How can I care for myself so that I will give my child the biggest gift – a happy parent?
  • How can I empathically connect with my child during the different periods of childhood?
  • How can I create enough safety, companionship and respect that we will all end up in a true power-with coexistence, full of joy, ease and love?

Leadership for a New World

1 to 7 days

A training for leaders in organizations – be it in corporate environments, NGOs, educational institutions… Depending on the length of the training, it can also include training in communication, conflict-resolution, mediation, facilitation skills… But as a stand-alone, it would include topics like:

  • Power-with leading individuals and groups
  • From leading to facilitating to holding space
  • Creating and sustaining safety, motivation, creativity
  • Using powerful questions instead of providing answers

Addiction, Trauma and Self-Connection

2 to 7 days

From a certain point of view, it is possible to say that we have all been traumatized in our childhoods – either experiencing pain to an extent we were unable to process, or having had certain needs of ours chronically unmet, in most cases both. Such trauma led us to adapt to the environment by creating personas and behaviours that would make the world less dangerous. Along the way we lost natural self-connection, started to suppress unpleasant emotions and developed addictions to ease the growing inner stress.

  • What is the emotional luggage that I have been carrying with me and how is it bringing stress into my life?
  • What are my addictions, which wounds of mine am I attempting to heal and are there other ways of caring for life in me?
  • The pre-socialized, preconditioned innocence that we lost, and the adaptations that we carry
  • Can we rehabilitate our capacity to, in full comfort, meet ourselves, others and life?

The Field Where We Meet

2 to 5 days

Deepening the exploration of the spirit of connection and moving from intellectual understanding of the principles of Nonviolent Communication towards fully integrated embodiment. This retreat, if standing alone, requires at least four days of prior full-day NVC trainings.

  • Establishing compassionate and evolutionary dialogues
  • Connecting with the flow of Life and surrendering to it
  • Embracing unpleasant and even traumatic experiences
  • Full authenticity, full integrity and fearless life