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Dear friends,

Welcome to our forum. The main purpose of this forum is to connect with each other, so that you can receive needed support, or so that you can self-organise into practice groups.

When seeking support, please state in which time zone you are. Also please be as clear as you can in terms of what kind of support you would like to receive. Is it through writing here, or privately, or perhaps to organize a zoom session? What would be supportive to you; just that somebody listens to you, or empathy? Or perhaps even coaching, advice… The clearer you are, the easier it is for people to respond. Also mentioning languages that you speak can be helpful.

When offering support, please check what kind of support the person would enjoy? If they only ask for empathic listening (which in my experience can be the most supporting activity), then please stick to listening and occasionally reflecting back, and not going into your own stories, or advice giving…

If you want to organize a practice group, again, please state the time zone, language…
And when you want to carry out the practice group meeting, what often works best is to begin with listening together to a specific guided process, staying with it in silence for a bit, and then going straight into sharing, without a pause, what is alive in you in that moment, sharing from the space of fullness. While others just witness and receive, without comments, etc…

Of course, the above is just a suggestions, and you can together explore other ways of practicing processes together.

With love

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