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“Out beyond
ideas of
and rightdoing
there is a field.
I’ll meet you

– Rumi

My personal journey and the work I do are both, in a nutshell,
about fully meeting ourselves, each other and the mystery of life on this field of Rumi’s.
It’s only here that we can embrace the flow of life in all its fullness.
Will you join me there?

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

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Upcoming events
26. 03. - 25. 03.

But it is not me who is violent!

A three-hour interactive introduction to the essence of Nonviolent Communication. We will together explore the key elements of communication and dialogue, trying to identify the crucial element that can turn every communication either into a battlefield or a connecting experience.
5. 05. - 5. 05.

The Backbone of Leadership

In this free short webinar we will be together exploring skills and consciousness of transformative leadership that does not just lead people from A to B, but opens up new realms of possibilities.
15. 05. - 20. 05.

Landing Fully into Life - a retreat

Near Frankfurt, Germany
This retreat is a deep spiritual journey of fully bringing our very essence into this life, who and what we truly and fundamentally are, in order to finally start fully experiencing and co-creating this miracle of existence.
30. 05. - 3. 06.

An Inside Job for a Trainer/Facilitator

A train-the-trainer workshop for all that would like to explore the inner journey of a trainer/facilitator in order to make room for clarity, authenticity and helpfulness of our work. Based on my 34 years of experience.
1. 07. - 10. 07.

9-day International Intensive Training in NVC

A 9-day immersion experience in an international learning community of about 60 participants, from different walks of life and parts of the world. With my fellow co-trainers Angela Walkley, Kirsten Kristensen and Amal Mekouar
26. 09. - 1. 10.

When an NVC Trainer Goes into an Organisation...

A 5-day train-the-trainer retreat, exploring specific skills, tools, approaches that are useful when trying to bring Nonviolent Communication into an organisation, be it through facilitated processes, mediation, or trainings.
13. 11. - 13. 11.

Train-the-trainer (in Slovene language)

Ljubljana, Slovenia
On this 4-day event we will be, in a practical and self-exploratory fashion, exploring many key elements of work as a trainer of Nonviolent Communication. In Slovene language.