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a memoir
Robert Maoz Kržišnik

“This book is a testament to the raw power of authenticity.
Robert tells us about his life from the inside out using language that jumped off the page and into my heart.
I’ll never be the same again.”

Jeff Brown, M.A., International trainer, USA

“I would call Robert’s book ‘a love song to life’.
Not a naive one though or denying the shadows of it, but truly embracing the wholeness of it, as it manifested in his hands.”

Aga Rzewuska-Paca, International trainer, Poland

“My reading became right away very addictive;
I just read and read the whole book in only a couple of days. Sometimes the level of intimacy was so deep that it was almost embarrassing to read it. At the end I was left with feeling eager to read more. So when is the part two coming out?”

Hanna Savanna, International trainer and mediator, Finland

“This Miraculous Life offers a rare opportunity to experience glimpses of the world through another’s eyes and heart.”

Kathleen Macferran, International trainer and mediator, USA

“This is a book about relationships and self discovery,
about the wonder and mystery of the universe and this thing
we call life. The scope is huge yet the stories are deliciously personal, delightful and relatable.”

Ian Peatey, International trainer, coach and consultant, UK/Romania

”It is a journey that initiates us into the wonder of living our own lives, miraculously.”

Kristin Masters, International trainer and mediator, USA

“It is such a delight to read this book. So many times in his words I continue to see
Robert and his transparency and vulnerability revealing his pain and his shadows, his uncertainties, how many times he did not live according to his values, I see him always moving forward, exploring and growing his capacity to be true to his deepest self in his joy and love. I am so inspired for what I see as the courage and sharing the most vulnerable aspects of his life; his suicide attempt, leaving home and going on a most incredible adventure traveling into the unknown in so many countries, his hilarious (in my view) stint in the military, the experience in Australia with Yogeshwar, the emergence of the Awakening to Life Intensives…and so much more.”

Robert Gonzales, PhD., International trainer and author, USA