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I‘ve enjoyed travelling from country to country giving workshops and retreats for the last couple of decades. At the same time, this way of working bears a cost, both for the environment and in terms of the quality of my home life. Here is another way I hope I can contribute to life and offer support to fellow-seekers, without those drawbacks.

If you have a personal question that has been itching you and you would like to hear my thoughts and intuitions
about it, I’m inviting you to post it here.

I don’t promise to address each and every question, but if I’m inspired to answer, I will post a summary of your question on this page along with my response, so that others can also see it and hopefully benefit.

How to bridge intercultural differences when sharing Nonviolent Communication – answering Graham from the UK

How can empathic listening and reflecting become natural and flowing – answering Daniel from Israel

I value honesty in relationships, so shall I also share my judgements with my partner, friends… – Answering Nero from “YouTube”

What is the purpose of giving feedback and how to do it – Answering Andrea from Austria

How to approach people whose behaviour I find disturbing – Answering Barbora from Czech Republic/Germany

How to bring Nonviolent Communication into organisations – Answering Pari from Iran

How to be committed and at the same time in acceptance of life as it is – Answering Anna from Germany

Having many judgements about my partner – Answering Hannes from Norway

Why are there so many disconnections in Nonviolent Communication communities? – Answering Michelle from USA

Experiencing a creative block – Answering Maša from Slovenia

How to stay self-connected in intense conversations? – Answering Chris from USA

Privilege gap in an intimate relationship – Answering Racheli from Israel

Inner conflict because certain needs were set aside – Answering Goni from Palestine/Israel

When opposite values and needs collide within a relationship. – Answering Nathalie from Germany

How to manage when both of us get so triggered that we can not pause, step back. – Answering Andrea from Austria

Yes, I am imagining how heartbreaking it might be to, again and again, find yourselves…