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“I was born in 1966 in Yugoslavia, a country which does not exist on the map anymore, but which will reside in my heart forever. As is probably the case for every human being, my childhood and growing up was marked and shaped by dreams and hopes, beauty and joy, but also by traumas and fears, confusion and pain. The wounds I received as a child increased my sensitivity to certain issues such as fairness, power and respect,
and led to an enduring interest in healing and self-healing.”

Robert M. Kržišnik

Robert Maoz Kržišnik held a Master of Science degree in Psychology and was accredited as a trainer and conflict mediator by the Center for Nonviolent Communication. He devoted twelve years to the practice of psychotherapy, leveraging his expertise as a trainer, facilitator, and team coach between 1988 and 2022. With a wealth of experience in conflict resolution, he skillfully navigated complex situations between individuals or within groups as a mediator.

Though the shape of his work seemed to be shifting and evolving through time, his main passion and focus remained constant: “For me it’s all about connection: from self-connection, through healing wounded parts of ourselves and embracing our whole being, to connection with others on a deeply sincere and vulnerable level. It’s about entering this experience of human existence fully, to manifest connection with the Whole, with the flow of Life.”