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Here are the outlines of some topics which I am currently most excited about
offering. In most cases the details of a topic will be fine-tuned in dialogue and
exploration with the local organisers. All my work is based on the practices of
Nonviolent Communication, and is also much influenced by the Art of Hosting,
Bohmian Dialogue and, when relevant, Contact Improvisation.

The Essence of Nonviolent Communication

How to express ourselves honestly and clearly, yet in a way that makes it possible for others to hear us? How to emphatically receive other people, even when they are so overwhelmed with emotions that they lack the capacity to communicate in a connecting way? How to stay self-connected in difficult situations? How to transform a conflict from a battlefield to a meeting-place, where we can deepen connection and companionship?

Self-Connection and Personal Evolution

We all have been carrying our traumas, pain, conditioning, subconscious patterns and core beliefs with us. Together, these burdens tend to prevent us from moving through life in a nourishing and fulfilling way. In this retreat we explore these patterns and learn how to care for our needs, how to make choices that support life in us, how to overcome our adaptations and addictions, and how to live more fully.

Conflict Mediation Training

A step-by-step skills training for formal or non-formal conflict mediation, be it between individuals, between groups or within groups. It includes (if necessary) the basic skills of Nonviolent Communication, and focuses on acquiring the additional skills necessary for dealing with the challenges that a mediator will likely meet, and on learning various ways of bringing people together, into connection and cooperation.

Exploring Life Through Movement and Flow

A retreat in which we explore certain key elements of life, primarily authenticity, freedom, vulnerability, intimacy and giving/receiving, using the tools of Contact Improvisation. While it can already be very profound to explore those qualities in our lives through our minds and emotions, a whole new universe of integration opens up when we fully include our bodies and their movements and unleash them from social domestication.

to Life

A retreat that Robert Gonzales and I co-created as the essence of what we have learned so far in our lives, a retreat – as one of the participants once put it – to live and to die for. Fully experiential (no teaching involved), requiring a high level of dedication due to its intensity, and only meant for participants with at least 4 full days of prior NVC trainings. An intensive journey into reclaiming wholeness and experiencing the mystery of existence unfolding.

Train-the-trainer Workshop for Facilitators

It’s one thing to master the skills and awarenesses of Nonviolent Communication, and it is something completely dierent to design and carry out a workshop in which a truly transformational learning can occur. At this training we explore the personal issues which may be preventing us from being fully authentic and present with groups, we learn how to design workshops so they meet the needs of particular groups, and we practise dealing with challenges.

Transformative Leadership

A training for leaders in organisations – be it in corporate environments, NGOs or educational institutions. Depending on the length of the training, this can also include training in communication, conflict resolution, mediation and facilitation skills. In its essence the retreat is about “power-with” leading and space-holding, including creating and sustaining safety, motivation and creativity.

Intimacy with Life

A retreat that I co-designed and co-facilitate with Noa Ilay-Shilo, which presents a dive into a journey of exploring ourselves and each other with vulnerability, honesty and innocence. We will use our bodies and movement to explore magical areas outside the selves and experiences we know, in order to rehabilitate our capacity to let Life ow through us again, in fullness and real-time authenticity.

Dialogic Parenting

Parenting might be the most demanding activity in life, especially if we want to do it in a way that will nurture life in our children as well as in ourselves. Yet it so very often becomes an automatic behaviour, full of frustration, hopelessness, anger and later regret, pain and loneliness. We will be exploring our visions as parents and learning how to care for ourselves so that we can present our kids with a happy parent. We will explore how we can create enough safety, companionship and mutual respect in the relationship with our children, and how we can be with them even in the most difficult moments.