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When we find ourselves in times of trouble…

We found ourselves in the moment on this planet in which we are witnessing and actively participating in very turbulent and unpredictable movements. And this can be very disturbing to our peace of mind.

Unpredictability is something our dear minds have a huge difficulty with, as they are designed to neutralise it. Namely, our minds do everything they can – and they certainly can do a lot – to keep creating an illusion of stability, predictability… They work hard on keeping us sane in this experience of life, making it all appear simple enough, manageable, predictable… And so they keep seeking explanations, producing personal belief systems and models of the world…, this way creating illusions that we know what this is all about, that we are safe as we can predict the future, that we are safe as we can read other people and influence their behaviour. Creating an illusion that life is controllable, stable, safe.

Yet, in my understanding, to believe these illusions is a certain march into an on-going war with life, which we are likely to lose in frustration, helplessness and pain. Because life is not a predictable and stable experience but rather an experience that will forever keep presenting itself to us as ever emerging infinite richness of unexpected possibilities.

So for me the question is not how I can make life more predictable, how I can control it in one way or the other, but how can I flow smoothly with it, how I can dance with it. In other words, how can I be with life as a wave, and not trying to make life a specific particle, fixed in a specific way, just for me.

In my life I have been noticing two essential elements that help me slowly wake up from the confusion of illusions into the present moment and help me learn how to move with the flow of life.

The first one, as it seems to me, is to listen attentively to life. To first wake up to this moment, this very moment in which I exist, to wake up fully into the awareness of being, with the fullness of what I am experiencing as myself. To relax into beingness and to then start listening. Patiently, quietly, attentively, with the wholeness of me.

By listening, sensing, I start opening up, in curiosity, in innocence, to the unknown. And then, perhaps very slowly, I will manage to start hearing from the outside of the known self and the known world, known life. I will slowly start becoming conscious of aspects and movement of life that so far I have not been concussions of. Relaxing into the unknown and listening to it, I will start becoming aware of new dimensions, new possibilities…

And the second of the two elements for me is that, while being grounded in the moment, I start learning anew to move and flow with life. To learn to respond with yes, with curiosity and presence, and to dance with it all. Like a dancer dances with their partner. Like a surfer on a wave of life.

I also noticed that my ability to fully move and dance with life, in fullness, in flow… is primarily influenced by the place I am experiencing life and existence from. If I am in a space of fear, contraction, freeze, pretty much stuck within my worried mind, then I will not be able to flow at all.

Yet, if I healed myself from my traumas and wounds, if I learned how to be in the wholeness, how to open up from the fullness of the being into the wholeness of existence, if I learned how to stay in the present moment and sink into the multidimensionality of it, if I learned how to create and witness at the same time, if I learned to surrender to the flow of life and let it move and create through me…, then suddenly this dance becomes not only easy, but very full and enjoyable.

And then I can, while following it, forever marvel at this miraculous life unfolding in front of my eyes, right now, int this one and only moment.