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Witnessing the Ultimate Art

As I was sitting and observing participants of the Awakening to Life Intensive retreat that Robert Gonzales and myself were co-facilitating in Virginia, US a couple of months ago, it suddenly felt like sitting in an art gallery. Namely, I realised I was surrounded by various works of art as each individual in the room had been shaped into the present form by the great artist, The Flow of Life. True, It was all still work in progress, yet already full of incredible art pieces in this art gallery of life itself.

Indeed, we all are works of art. This miraculous force of life has been putting together various elements, colours, texture, for decades: “a bit of trauma here, and some joy here, let’s add some disappointment, and perhaps some insights and spiritual experiences, and, there we go, exhibit number 34.495.209.309, commonly known as Robert…” 😊

In this cosmic dance, the flow of life has been exploring possibilities and what we have been witnessing now, inside and around, is the current version… But as it is a dance, it is ever evolving…

Imagine the world in which we would see ourselves as works of art, walking around and presenting ourselves to each other, with innocent excitement: “Look, this is me, I am showing myself to you…” Instead of seeing ourselves as something broken that needs fixing, something not good enough and therefore not worthy of … (fill in the blanks according to your preference).

And together we are the symphony of life. Each of us contributing our unique sounds, playing various group pieces and together compiling this cosmic composition, resonating endlessly into the field of possibilities and this way manifesting this existence, moment by moment.

In the same way as not everybody will like every symphony and work of art, and as every symphony will end up having more and less gentle and harmonious parts, also this symphony of life is very diverse and dynamic, trying out all the possible combinations and patterns.

And there is more… Namely, we are the audience to each other and to the whole, at the same time as we co-create it. We witness each other and the life in us, this way holding the space for this dance to keep evolving and each string, each instrument, each voice to express itself to its fullness.

Which brings me to a concerning question; to what extent is my witnessing of life around me, especially in people that are closest to me, really inviting life in them to find its voice and resonate to its fullest? For instance, am I seeing my beloved life companion as a divine manifestation, dancing her dance of life, searching for her voice… Am I holding an inviting space for her exploration of possibilities, for her beauty to find its form, or am I being this critical audience, expecting a very specific, previously experienced performance and disapproving any creativity outside the matrix of my mind?

Not sure how well I am actually doing, but I am sure about what I really want: I want to be a witness that is welcoming her innocence and curiosity into this moment, gently whispering into her heart: “Dance, beloved, dance and sing, yes, you are fully welcome…”

Actually, I want to be a witness like this for just about every single soul in this universe. Joyfully applauding to life in everybody. Including myself.